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Davines Group was founded in Parma, Italy, in 1983 by the Bollati family and started as a research laboratory that produced hair care products for the higher segment for well-known global cosmetics companies. After a decade of acquisition of expertise, we started creating our own brand Davine’s hair care products, exclusive for salons, and in 1996 we set up [comfort zone] skin care for top beauty salons.


DAVINES – Sustainable beauty

Davines is profiling in the market because of its Italian elegance and clearly non-traditional products, intended for contemporary hairdressers and fashion conscious consumers who want to distinguish themselves from the masses. Davines products and concepts bring a different emotion to both the hairdresser and the consumer. None of the products are tested on animals. Our suppliers are selected on the basis of clear and strict principles; The main ingredients are only natural and their safety, durability and stability are guaranteed thanks to the application of modern technologies. Nature is the biggest source of inspiration for the development of our products. Nature is wiser and older than any human on earth. Natural ingredients from, for example, the Mediterranean zone, like ruccola and tomato, betray Davines’ Italian roots. Davines stands for sustainability. Part of Davines’ profits are spent on for example reforestation. This way hundreds of thousands of square meters of forest have already been planted and CO2 emissions are compensated.



The styling line More Inside of Davines has already been packaged as a gift. The heart of More Inside is formed by the formulas created by the Davines Laboratories and extensively tested by Angelo Seminara. The formulas are expressed as costly mixtures of various active ingredients, combined to fulfill a specific function. The additional moisturizing factor is the common element of all More Inside products and keeps the hair healthy and hydrated for a longer time. A combination of the latest generation of raw materials gives the hair a defined, resilient structure. The hair gets more firmness, texture and a well-defined shape. More inside holds the value of sustainability, which Davines has always performed. As part of the Zero Impact LifeGate project, carbon dioxide emissions are generated, generated by the production of each line of packaging, compensated by reforestation and global forestry protection measures. The paper used for the packaging is FSC certified.


Davines – Alchemic System

Davines Alchemic System consists of a number of shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed to maintain and care for the color of natural and colored hair. An exclusive composition based on milk proteins, nurture, nourish and ensure that the color in the hair stays longer. The line has six different types of shampoos and conditioners for different color hair: silver, golden, red, copper, chocolate, and tobacco.


Davines – Essential Haircare

Essential Haircare is a natural care line for daily beauty and hair care needs. Products with a unique composition and appearance.
All products are enriched with Mediterranean, natural active ingredients.


Davines – OI

An absolutely stunning product line adds to the essential hair care line. A combination of Renaissance artisa and the Mediterranean fragrances inspired by an ancient oriental tradition. OI / Oil is a multifunctional oil for all hair types, cleans hair well, has anti-fluff effect and protective effect, which reduces hair drying time, or when used on dry hair results in a shiny And soft finish.

The special formula contains Roucouolie from the Amazon which is rich in antioxidants. Designed with a focus on durability. With the fair trade formula Roucouolie, Davines contributes to the protection of the environment, a promise that always made the Davines Essentail Haircare line. The elegant and very distinctive packaging is actually made with little environmental impact. Participating in the LifeGate Zerro Impact project reduces CO2 emissions from packaging production, and compensates all of this by creating and protecting new forests in Italy and Madagascar.



Argan Oil is one the most rare oils in the world. The oil of the argan tree (Argania Spinosa) has been used in Morocco for centuries due to its healing and caring qualities.


Keratherapy – Smoothing Innovation

Keratin is an endogenous protein, which occurs in the skin of the hair. Keratin penetrates deeply into the cortex of the hair to strengthen it and uneven fill her up, making hair smoother, shinier and virtually lint free will.



Olaplex consists of a single active ingredient. Olaplex works because it is able to detect broken sulfur bridges in the hair and restore them permanently to their original state. This can be done before, during or after thermal, mechanical or chemical treatments. The result of Olaplex is lasting! Olaplex is the only one of its kind with 8 global patents that will be published shortly. Olaplex does not contain silicones, oils, sulfates, phthalates, DEA or aldehydes and has not been tested on animals.