Dye your outgrowth

Step by step an explanation of how you can color your hair!

Tip! Do you want to rinse your color in the shower? Put on a piece of clothing that you can easily put over your head without touching your hair.

Step 1.

Place a towel around the neck to protect the clothes, if necessary secure the towel with a clamp. Then brush the hair well until there are no more knots in it. Then make a middle parting in the hair with a comb or the back of a brush.

Make a center part and color it first

Step 2.

Put on the plastic gloves and take the brush with some coloring on it. First color the middle part.

Step 3.

Then part from the highest point of the head to the top of the ear and color this parting.

Continue to make separations and color them

Step 4.

Continue to make divorces. With every separation you make, you always color the part where there is no color product yet. Repeat this until all the hair you want to color has the color.

Step 5.

Now comb all the hair back and color the contour line with some extra coloring. This way you can be sure that the color product is on all hairs.

Don’t forget to color the contour line

Step 6.

After applying the coloring, it is time to remove any blemishes on the skin. If it stays on for too long, you may not get it away easily. Fortunately, your skin can easily be cleaned with a cotton pad or make-up cloth. Be careful not to wipe the color away from the hair.

How long should the hair dye work?

Often the application time is between 30 to 40 minutes. If you color the hair lighter than your own hair color (often the color numbers between 8 and 10), you have to adhere to the entire application time of 40 minutes. If you color the hair darker, this depends on the hair thickness. With fine hair it is already sufficient to let the color work for 30 minutes, while with thick hair it is wise to keep it on for 40 minutes.

If you let the color work for less than 30 minutes, the color may not cover completely and the outgrowth is visible through the new color. If you let the color work for longer than 40 minutes, the color may turn out darker than hoped.

How do you rinse out hair dye?

Have you waited long enough? Rinse your hair out of brand of warm water so that the hair gets clean. Dampen the hair and massage the color. Then rinse the color with just water. Has almost all the color gone? Now you can grab the shampoo for colored hair. Wash your hair thoroughly. Rinse the shampoo and repeat the previous step to get the last color residue from your hair. As a final step, finish with conditioner that is suitable for colored hair. This so that the hair cuticles can close.

This was it! You painted your outgrowth! You can move on without having to worry about your outgrowth.

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