Keratherapy keratin

13 June 2020

A keratin treatment is an intensive conditioning treatment that makes the hair healthier, softer, shinier and easier to handle. It is important to realize that a keratin treatment is not more relaxed, so the hair is not completely straight. The Keratherapy “Advanced Renewal System” is the latest generation of keratin treatment, developed with the help of scientific research. This new keratin treatment contains natural keratin, fruit extracts, essential vitamins, minerals and oils and no formaldehyde. This unique combination of ingredients takes care of the hair intensively and tackles frizz and dry hair thoroughly. The result: shinier, frizz-free and more manageable hair, for months! In contrast to relaxers and Japanese straightening, the keratin treatment of Keratherapy does not change the internal structure of the hair. The treatment is not harmful to the hair, but strengthens it. This revolutionary keratin formula works on all hair types.


Keratherapy is a wash-out keratin treatment. The treatment is finished when you leave the salon. The keratin does not have to soak in the hair for 48-72 hours before it can be washed. You can also use styling products immediately after the treatment.
Keratherapy takes care of the hair intensively and tackles frizz thoroughly.
Because Keratherapy works with different exposure times during the treatment, you can choose whether you want to keep your curls or if your hair is as straight as possible.
The natural volume is preserved
This product does not contain formaldehyde, which is better for the hair and your health.

You will enjoy the treatment for about 3 to 5 months, depending on your hair type and care.


It is important to take care of the hair with the accompanying shampoo and conditioner. You will receive this from us after the treatment. This helps maintain the keratin level in your hair.
In addition, Keratherapy offers a compact line of aftercare products such as a serum, leave-in spray and a mask that are available from us. All Keratherapy care products contain keratin and significantly extend the life of the treatment. These products are also extremely suitable and care for untreated hair.

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